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Car Studio Lighting Setup Scene and Tutorial

Car Studio Setup Scene and Tutorial


This product is electronically distributed.

Car Studio Lighting Setup Scene and Tutorial

This is a multipurpose or generic car studio setup tutorial to use with V-Ray. It is very easy to setup and you don't need external plugins or resources, all can be done by yourself. The images shown here are directly from 3ds max they have no post production at all. The setup is very flexible so it can be easily be adapted to any vehicle or object.

What is covered on the tutorial guide, the tutorial is the 3ds max scene itself, the PDF is just a small guide to let you know what is done in the scene and what can be changed.

* These renderings have no post production they are taken directly from 3dsmax and were made without changing the studio setup by just setting cameras around the car.

What you see is what you get

• You get the complete 3ds max scene so you can explore it and see how it is done.

• Audi Q5 3d model included.

• A brief explanatory PDF guide.

System Requirements

3ds max 2009 or earlier and V-Ray 2.0 or earlier

The user must have a good understanding of 3ds max and V-Ray.

Terms of use

• Upon purchase, user is allowed to distribute rendered images using the setup.

• User is not allowed to re-distribute or re-sale the setup in any file.